The blue Paulownia trees blossoming are, for me, a symbol of the heart’s authentic identity. The pillar of the heart has opened up vertically – to a higher dimension, a blue sky.

The language you meet in the book is written in a poetic flow. It will inspire the reader to go higher than the intellect, to expand the ability to listen to the heart’s intuitive intelligence, and to take the reader to a level higher than the subconscious. The book uses the spark of the heart and the heart’s desire, which is built up within, to create an inner strength. One must develop the heart’s wisdom and accept that life failure is experience. You learn, let go, and connect to the highest dimension of light and color, to a vertical decentralized love.

Every day you must go beyond the barriers of the mind and fuse your positive and negative dualities. You achieve this by correctly using the ethereal cleansing. When you let go of your solar plexus and your main power, you cleanse yourself and lift yourself into a higher meditative state; to your full potential´s peaceful void; to a higher state of consciousness beyond the void. Through this, you repeatedly create a centering, by taking responsibility, remaining in your higher state of consciousness, and creating your authentic identity along with your own knowledge and experience. Behind your heart’s intention there lies a deeper meaning.

You give more than yourself; your life art creates harmony; the light in your eyes and your soul’s active peace creates presence. You can’t do it on your own, but through the power of a higher dimension´s light and color you can. The book describes the six levels of consciousness, among these the three horizontal levels where the body, the emotions, and the ego’s manipulative mental blockages demand power and control. Thoughts fluctuate between positive and negative poles while you search and seek for the centralized, horizontal love. You can express a positive, horizontal behavior, while also having an inner, negative duality, a spectator in demands courage and the willingness to take responsibility for your own energy.

What is it in me that attracts the low frequencies? In the book The Pillar of Heart the goal is to live vertically and to communicate real light horizontally in a decentralized state of consciousness.