Who am I

Today I’m myself – my authentic self. I have learned that in order to live a life that is full I must connect to a higher level of consciousness, and dimensions that go higher still. I call my work Interdimensional Art. In my book, The Pillar of Heart, I describe the inner journey’s essence and the heart’s wisdom. I also discuss the importance of uniting all the inner dualities on the six levels of consciousness in a position, that targets a higher frequency. An inner life-journey any artist (no matter profession, nationality, or gender) has taken – a journey shaped by inner and outer resistance. The Pillar of Heart examines the deeper questions in life in order to draw broader and more profound conclusions. It is a reflection of all levels of consciousness, and how they all contribute to an artist’s attitude.

Art & Life

Through many years of education and experience I have analyzed the ethereal gravity field’s attack on the magnetic field of the body. These destructive, emotional blocks can only be detected by the subject in a meditative state, and analyzed through the hearts intuitive intelligence.

This insight must be described in metaphors, since emotions have their own life. When I discovered the ethereal gravity field, I immediately started taking responsibility for my own energy. Shortly after, I developed the eight figures – a cleansing process on the ethereal level. I have learned that time, space, consciousness, and faith are connected. We are created to live with inner freedom and to connect ourselves daily to the highest dimensions of light and color.