The Pillar of  Heart

My book, The Pillar of Heart, is the essence of my authentic identity’s wisdom right now. But I’m still on an exciting journey. My life’s inner and outer training is my resume.
Early on in life, I chose to listen to my curiosity. It felt important; it was a longing for something I couldn’t explain. I found the elixir of life on my cycling trips around southern Funen, the beech forests, the sea, and I drank the spirit of nature. I attended ballet, acrobatics, and dance. I swam with the boys to an island and back again, which was a bet for 25 cents. I was an au pair in England and while there, went to London by myself once a week and visited museums, went to exhibitions, saw films, and heard music. It was here my thirst for encountering new cultures began, and it has greatly enriched my life.
Later on, I had many profound experiences in the many countries I visited: I learned to accept the differences between people and to understand their messages. Creative gifts have reanimated my spirit and further developed my abilities to receive with my emotional intelligence -and sharing my experiences has lit a spark within me. The book takes you on my life’s journey. It teaches you how to uncover the ethereal gravity field’s metaphors, – essential in undersstanding the centered hearts pillar –  a meditative experience where your inner warrior cooperates with a higher dimension.
Here is my schooling, the extensive practical experience abroad, the insights, understanding and knowledge I`ve gained along the way.  Every step my life has taken is written down in this book. I’ve always attracted what my heart believed was the next step. I’ve sprung from the high diving board again and again; perhaps my courage and faith are my greatest gifts. The book describes my insight and work in the heart’s meditative void. In this void I’ve listened to the dictates of my heart and acted on the heart’s intuitive intelligence.