I work with inner leadership, responsibility for each, our own energy, and levels of consciousness. Any person – regardless of profession – has something to gain from the courses I offer. I call them Interdimensional Art. Artistic souls, who want to develop their creativity and expand their mind, will learn how to create something beautiful out of nothing and how to focus and concentrate. If you have special needs or wishes (i.e. if you want to book a course for one or more days at another location than Faaborg), I will gladly travel to your location.

My book, The Pillar of Heart, will be used as course material.

Present and Future

Our present and future depend on our state of consciousness. Learn to develop and control your mindset and create a meditative state. Let go – and free yourself of negative, repetitive patterns. Each day is a new opportunity to reach your full potential and to connect yourself to a higher state of consciousness.

Go Beyond

It is possible to enter into a higher dimension, another level of consciousness, but you must live a life filled with clarity, follow your inner voice and intuition and be generous and sincere. If you follow these guidelines and combine them with your inner artistic platform and peace of mind, you will be able to go beyond.

Open Up Your Heart

Let your “heartdrive” connect with the larger “heartdrive”. Let go of negative thoughts and the illusion of control, center yourself, and connect yourself vertically to a higher state of consciousness. When you let go of thoughts that are wearing you down, you will lift yourself into the highest dimension possible. Let your positive thoughts and knowledge fuse, and let this newfound inspiration motivate you every day.


Learn to cleanse your ethereal gravity field, which is an invisible level of consciousness. Learn to center yourself and release yourself from the resistance of the collective unconscious. Learn to listen to others and yourself and believe in yourself and your heart’s intuitive intelligence.

Trust yourself and your heart’s wisdom. Let it become one with your knowledge.