Sessions room in Fåborg

I teach mainly groups, both small and large, but I also teach people individuals.

I do lectures, where the essence of the present dictates the agenda. In my lectures I demonstrate the heart’s intelligence through drawings, talks, and meditative exercises. There is always time for a Q&A. I ask all my attendees to bring a notebook and a pen.
The goal is to receive and to use personal insight to access the unconscious mind. When you do this, you lift yourself higher and let your mind enter your neurological system. It is an inner discipline that centers your mind and makes you temporarily disconnect with the illusion of time.
It is another way to learn, and the process will put your heart’s wisdom and intelligence into focus. You listen and receive on higher levels of consciousness, so you naturally open up and let go. When you relax you are lifted into a freer state of mind where you process your own experiences. Your inner dualities melt together and create a newfound energy that gives you clarity, strength, and relief. From this exercise, you develop harmony and peace of mind.

Personal sessions take place in Faaborg, Denmark.

You can order lectures, study groups and personal sessions in your country. Please contact me on       mobil  +45 20131157

Small groups

We meet regularly to discuss, reflect, and develop a higher level of consciousness. Every time I meet a new group, I create the content according to the participants` background and needs.

A typical session will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but my schedule is flexible.

Intensive Courses

My intensive courses are held in soothing, meditative, and supportive environments, and typically last from seven to fourteen days. At these courses, I focus on recreating the attendee’s inner harmony and peace. I help them enter into a higher level of consciousness, which gives clarity and renewed energy and courage. Every day we work with the ethereal cleansing process – a tool used before a guided meditation. I lecture each group in the six levels of consciousness. There is always time for questions.

 My book, The Pillar of Heart, is used as course material.

Course subjects

  • Insight into our responsibility for our own energy.
  • How to lift yourself into a higher level of consciousness.
  • The difference between horizontal involution and vertical evolution.
  • How to handle the accidental resistance you create when trying to enter the six levels of consciousness (a resistance that blocks your natural life-energy).
  • How to dissolve your inner dualities.
  • The importance of embracing both your masculine and feminine leader.
  • A merging and energetic upbuilding of the vertical journey.
  • The difference between your gut instincts, your motives, and your heart’s intuitive intelligence.
  • Education in the development of yourself, your heart’s inspiration, and giving energy.
  • Building your authentic self. Who you are – and how much more you can become.
  • In a world of turmoil, you are born into a state of crisis. But you can change this internal war. Learn to love yourself and learn to work on the way you use your inner resources, your courage, and your ability to go beyond.
  • Concentration, perseverance, and focus. If you want to make a difference, you need to believe it. You must receive from the vertical forces before giving horizontally.
  • Develop your inner warrior, the warrior who lets in light and rejects darkness.
  • Learn the steps in the ethereal cleansing process in order to let go of the ethereal gravity field’s blocks. You must understand this cleansing process before you can enter the meditative state.
  • Learn to let go, not mentally, but with your heart. Live in the moment, lift yourself, and organize your life.
  • Learn to deal with distress, stress, and the ethereal blocks. They are created when horizontal emotional and mental blocks long for and seek out new horizontal energy.
  • Learn to inspire yourself and others so you can lift your consciousness vertically.



Lectures can be ordered. Duration: 3 hours. At the lectures, my book “Hjertets Søjle” can be purchased and personal sessions and study days can be ordered.

The book will be translated into english. The titel will be “The Pillar of Heart”.